How reports are made via SpeakUp

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How reports are made via SpeakUp

Employees wishing to make a report via SpeakUp have a choice of doing so by telephone and speaking to a specially-trained call handler, or of posting a message on the secure InTouch web reporting site. Whichever route is chosen, the reporting process is completely confidential and, where country legislation allows, the reporter can remain anonymous if they wish. 

As further options, it is also possible to send reports via email and post.

Reporting via telephone 

Reports from Indian employees are received by the team in Bangalore; for employees outside India, reports are received in the UK. In our Bangalore service centre the call will be taken by a memeber of the team who speaks the preferred lanauge of the reporter. In the UK service centre which handles calls from outside India an interpreter will join the call as required. Detailed notes are made during the call and are summarised and agreed with the caller at the end to ensure accuracy and clear understanding of the issues raised.

Reporting via the web

For an increasing number of employees the multilingual, secure SpeakUp web reporting site is an easily-accessible and attractive alternative to making a report by phone. The site is accessed via a unique URL for each client which means that the reporting pages can be customised to meet a client’s needs and to address legal requirements in certain jurisdictions. Reporting via web offers complete confidentiality because the reporter’s IP address is not captured. Having submitted a report, the reporter can subsequently log back on and, entering the password they have been given, can view responses from their company and then add to their original report if they wish to. 

Case reporting

All reports are quality-checked before being added to the Case Reporting System (CRS). An email alert is sent to authorised recipients to notify them of a new report which they then view via a secure web portal. Each authorised recipient is given secure personal log-in details which restrict access to a pre-agreed level of information. Clients can write personal notes against a report and communicate directly with InTouch India via the system or send feedback to the employee.

Management information

Summary management information is available to clients on demand via the CRS at any time. An overview of the reporting process is shown below, for a more detailed view of the process please click here



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