Let us help you build a robust vigil mechanism

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Let us help you build a robust vigil mechanism

Outsourcing in business means cost savings and reducing investment in personnel and assets. Outsourcing your whistleblowing hotline also means that it is much more effective from day one. Outsourcing your hotline to InTouch offers a number of key benefits, including:     

  • Choice of multi-lingual toll-free telephone and secure web
  • Ability to make reports 24/7/365, ensuring optimum accessibility for people wanting to make a report in whichever location or time zone they are based
  • Options for reporting via email, fax and post
  • Calls to the hotline from your Indian employees are handled by our Bangalore service centre
  • Highly-educated, confidential and skilled personnel in the service centre who are trained to deal, for example, with any distressed callers
  • The opportunity for ongoing communication with anonymous reporters, either to ask further questions of them or to provide feedback 
  • The highest standards of IT security and data protection



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