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It's time to Speak Up Confidential Reporting

SpeakUp encourages employees to report serious wrongdoing. For more information on what SpeakUp offers click below.

Speak Up, a way to report a concern independently and confidentially

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The corporate governance landscape in India is changing. Businesses are being called upon to demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and compliant facilities for staff and service users and to mitigate the debilitating effects of fraud, wrongdoing, corruption and malpractice.

This is every business leader’s responsibility – whistleblowing hotlines can help.

Section 177 of the Companies Act contains a provision making it mandatory for listed companies and some other kinds of company to establish a vigil mechanism for directors and employees to report genuine concerns.   A whistleblowing hotline provides just that.

From 1st October 2014 the requirement for a vigil mechanism is also incorporated into the Sebi Corporate Governance Code.

To find out more about our whistleblowing programme you can either click on this link or contact us on:


00080 0040 1605


+44 121 506 9197

Alternatively email: info@intouch-india.com


"We are committed to ensuring that any employee wanting to report serious misconduct is offered an easily accessible and demonstrably confidential means of doing so in their native language. The SpeakUp service facilitated by InTouch in the 20 countries where we operate, enables us to deliver that commitment in an efficient and effective way."

FTSE 100 Company Secretary

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